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One Year From Now

Life with a preemie #19

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All the kids are in bed. I just laid Timothy down in his cradle and as soon as his head hit the mattress he started rooting around for his thumb. I was hoping that he would learn to suck his thumb because he never got the hang of a pacifier and he NEEDED to learn to self-soothe. The thumb-sucking, although challenging when he's older, is a huge step for him in sleeping through the night, which he started doing regularly last week.

My littlest boy, who was born 1lb 13oz and so very fragile, is now 12lbs. His belly button no longer sticks out out an inch from his body. He smiles and coos at me and loves to watch my sunglasses on top of my head. He eats what seems to me a HUGE amount but that might be because I've never had a bottle-fed baby so I couldn't measure. He still only poops maybe a couple times a week but the pediatrician assures me this is fine and will probably change when he starts solids over the summer. He is out-growing his clothes at an alarming rate, but thanks to the Ollechs we have plenty more!


I find that I am still processing all that we've gone through the last seven months. I have always marveled at the miracle of babies but now that I realize how incredibly miraculous they are, I sometimes find myself with tears in my eyes, so very grateful that I am able to hold my son every day. It also makes me appreciate my other children more. Having one of them almost taken from me helps me to treasure them all.


Being the mom of four is a lot like being the mom of three! :) Just more laundry, more messes, more snuggles, and less sleep. Piece of cake, right? I recommend it to all of you!



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