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One Year From Now

Life with a preemie #20

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In April we started taking Timothy out amongst the dirty, unwashed masses of Costco and Target. A family of four young children attracts much more attention than a family with three children, particularly when those children talk as much as mine do. Never met a stranger! Wonder where they learned that from? ;)

I have noticed that since we've moved into 'large family' status people's filters have loosened up and we get far more advice/comments than we did when we just had three. Some of these words are helpful and some of them not so helpful.

From the old man at Target, after seeing my girls dancing ahead on the sidewalk, said with an astonished voice: Did you know their clothes don't match?

Seriously? You think I care? They dressed themselves and that's what matters.

From the lady in the grocery store: (counting the kids) Are they all yours?

I only have four kids. Why is this so astonishing?

From the kind lady in front of me at the bank: You are a good mom. I can hear it in the way you talk with your children.

From the lady at Costco, said with a smile: Do you homeschool? (yes, I answered, how did you know?) Your kids are so well-behaved. (I said thank you).

Then I chuckled inside because she didn't see the tantrum that one of them had thrown that morning that resulted in a spanking. But I appreciated her affirmation. And of course I know that homeschoolers don't have the corner on the market for good behavior, nor are my children well-behaved all the time. However, it is good to know that the training that we spend so much time on is starting to pay off. I want our children to be a blessing to others not a burden.

Next time you're out and see a mother with young children, if possible send her a smile or give a kind word. It can really make a difference.



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