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One Year From Now


Theresa and Timothy meet

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Theresa meets Timothy for the first time.


Life with a preemie #2

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Having a new preemie has given me one thing: perspective. I'm at home now, as most of you know, and I'm being well-taken care of by family and friends, so I have a bit of time in between cuddles and naps (my naps, not the kids!). I've been doing a little catching up on my blog reading which I didn't do while in the hospital because, well, for a lot of reasons.

I'm reading these blogs that I've read for a long time and enjoy and still do enjoy, but as I read these moms talking about how busy they are with homeschooling activities and keeping house and crafting and work and other things, I find myself thinking that I'm having a hard time relating to them right now! Just a few weeks ago I, too, might have felt a bit pressed for time because of the things that I was trying to accomplish with a family of three children and pregnant with another. But now that we have Timothy in the hospital my priorities are different because my perspective changed. No longer am I really concerned about what we're going to eat tonight because most of the time we have food delivered and if we happen to not have anything delivered that day we have either have leftovers or we pull food out of the freezer that I prepared weeks ago before things got crazy. Preparing food takes time and we are spending a lot of time at the hospital, so it's just not important to us.

Life with a preemie #1

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Timothy will be one week old tomorrow and his gestational age will be 26 weeks, 4 days. In a normal pregnancy he should be inside me for another 13 weeks, so he was obviously very premature. He is actually classified as a micropreemie because of his gestational age and size. This means that he will require a lot of medical attention in order to have a chance. So far, so good :)

This afternoon I had the awesome opportunity to finally hold him, skin to skin. Normally this is something I'm doing within an hour of my child's birth and with the other three children that was definitely the case. They showed me the little guy for about two minutes while I was in the recovery room and I wasn't able to touch him.  Today they got him out of his little isolette, unhooked his respiratory stuff, and set him on Jeremy's chest (I had left to go potty. Typical.) They arranged all of his respiratory stuff again, made sure his vitals were good, and just left him there. Every time Jeremy talked Timothy's vitals improved - heart rate remained steadier, respiratory rate increased. He still had some ups and downs, but overall it was a lot calmer.

Hospital thoughts

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As one can imagine, laying in the hospital gestating provides me with a lot of time to ponder. Sometimes my thoughts are only as deep as wondering how on earth Vanna White looks the same as she did when I was ten. Other times I'm contemplating life and death and my place in this world.

This morning (and does 4am count as morning?) I'm thinking about choices. I am used to having options. in my normal life I am essentially master of my own destiny. Wake up early or sleep until the kids wake me up? Shall I make waffles for breakfast? Declare it a park day? You know just writing that down makes my life seem pretty mundane. I think i might have just saved myself some counseling fees.



If you send Michele to hospital

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If you send Michele to the hospital she probably won't sleep well.

If she doesn't sleep well she will probably have a lot of time to think. If she does a lot of thinking she will start praying for her friends. She will pray and thank her gracious God that her baby boy is still inside her, growing just as fast as he can. She will be comforted to know that God loves him even more than she does.

If she is praying she will begin to be overwhelmed by God's goodness and his provision of many people who will help her family and she will want to get on her knees but that's forbidden for people on bedrest! So she will do it in her mind anyway. Such a rebel!


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